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From Yelp

“If you try nothing else here, try the Phoenix Maki, the Snow Mountain Maki, and the Coconut Shrimp.”

“We have now gone to Feng Shui a handful of times and were very happy with each visit. Everything we have tried was fresh and flavorful. Appetizers, fried rice, lo mein, entrees, soups, everything. Even my daughter was very happy with their sushi, which I can’t comment on myself.”

“The best Chinese Buffett I have ever been to. The coconut shrimp was ridiculous. If you feel like pigging out with quality food. This is the spot.”

“Their sushi was really fresh and tasty – both cooked and raw. Try their many flavored Mai Tais – pretty tasty. I LOVED their seaweed salad, crab rangoons and stir-fried veggies. Our waitress was quick and friendly. Filled our waters and checked on us often.”

“I’ve been here a couple of times for Hibachi, but this past time we came with our 3-year-old nephew and it was the best yet! Our chef was funny and very attentive to the egg allergy at the table. The food was delicious and worth the amount of money it was since the portions are pretty good size leaving you full and satisfied. The server was very quick at getting us our drinks from the bar and friendly. We had a blast!”

“Great place for New Year’s Eve dinner! A good size group of us go every year, we all meet in the bar for the famous Feng Shui Mai Tai (these will knock you on your butt if you’re not careful) and we usually end up getting a table in one of the function rooms. Service was great, our server was courteous and efficient. The food here is always fantastic, they have the usual array of delectable Chinese food delights, Their main dishes are big enough for three or four to share. We can be a very rowdy crowd, but the staff there is very patient.”

“Great buffet food for lunch at a reasonable price. All the selections were definitely fresh, very flavorful but not overly seasoned. The wait staff were attentive without hovering. This was our first time visiting this restaurant but we agreed we would come back.”

“Great ambiance, diversity of types of food, and service make this a solid dining option for the area. My family enjoys dining here with picky out-of-town visitors and family and it’s a great place to hit with friends.”

From Google

“This place is one of the best restaurants around. Great quality food and entertaining as well. Very nice atmosphere, very clean. Some restaurants start off great then go downhill, not this place. Consistent quality all the time. Highly recommended.”

“Top tier Chinese buffet with a higher class atmosphere than typical for Chinese food. It’s closer to a Japanese steakhouse than a strip mall Chinese joint. This will be my works go to place for birthdays, retirement send-offs, etc.”

“Great for large groups or normal dining. They offer private rooms for business events or parties. Hibachi can be reserved for groups as well. Very entertaining. Great service. Excellent food, I have never been disappointed.”

“Just try out a neighborhood restaurant and was surprised by a delightful experience of good food, nice service, and reasonable price. We will be back again for sure.”

“When does place open the decade ago I wouldn’t go because of the extreme diversity and food. Chinese food, Sushi, and Hibachi. What I later learned was they have 3 different kitchens. The sushi comes from the sushi chef, Chinese food comes from the main kitchen and obviously Hibachi made in front of you. Every single time I come the food quality is outstanding. The drinks two are delicious. The decor of the restaurant is modern and fun. It’s a large place so you rarely have to wait long, and if you do have to wait then you can step into the bar and have some sake.”

“Awesome buffet! From sushi to Crab Rangoon, to Scallion pancake, this place has it all. With a wide variety of foods to choose from, this place is my go-to Chinese buffet. Not too sure if it is authentic or not, but I can sure tell you that the food is awesome!”

“Went to the buffet it was very good and everything was yummy and great quality. There was a good selection of items including soup the waitress brings you upon request. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and nice and clean. The waitress was very friendly and attentive.”

From Facebook

“We usually go to the bar, where Piere notice we come often and asked our names. I had a bet with him to see if he would remember and he did. He always greets us by name and quickly gets two mi tias (not sure about spelling). The food is always delicious. It is nice to go to a place that is so friendly. By the way our drinks are the best they always taste the same, some places every one tastes different.”

“My boyfriend brought me here for my birthday recently and it was excellent. We were seated right away, the service was great and everything we ordered was hot, fresh and delicious, especially the Mai Tai’s 🙂 We highly recommend this restaurant.”

“It was our first time here it was my year old daughter and my older son and I we decided to try Hibachi for the first time for lunch and everything was great. The workers made us feel welcomed and the show the chef put on had my 7 year old laughing. Super fun and will be back.”

“The hibachi is always top notch! Huge portions and the food is always cooked perfectly. One of our favorite places to eat!”

“Not the typical buffet food. The food here is remarkably “clean” and delicious. The pans containing the food, are smaller here than other buffets. This means that they empty faster and get filled promptly with fresh food. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of food compared to other buffets in the area. I will certainly be adding this as my new favorite Sunday lunch spot.”

“Love this place in Chelmsford, love the Coconut Shrimp and the Marla Chicken and the Pad Thai. The service has always been great, and the restaurant is decorated very Feng Shui, peaceful. It is a wonderful day or night out. Go, enjoy!!”

“Best Chinese food around. The Hibachi is great and a special treat. Food here is always so fresh. We have many other Chinese food places near us but always go out of our way to dine in or take out. Highly recommend the lunch buffet.”

From TripAdvisor

“I used to rate Bamboo at Bedford MA very highly. Trust me this place is one notch up. The sushi at the buffet was awesome. All the dishes including the Lobster was awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed the dinner buffet.”

“Tried Feng Shui for the first time on my wife’s birthday. We had a combination of sushi, sashimi and a couple of platters. Food was great and the service was the best we have had in quite some time. I tipped 25% as I was that impressed. We went back about a week later and had another great meal with great service. Will keep Feng Shu on the top of our list for places to dine in.”

“The food here is fantastic, and the staff just couldn’t be friendlier. You won’t be disappointed if you stop by!”

“Lovely decor. Good service. Wide-ranging menu. Food was tasty and very well presented. Good array of wines, beers and cocktails.”

“My wife and I took our friends from the West Coast to Feng Shui in Chelmsford last Saturday. It was such a treat that we vowed to come back for more. First off, the restaurant is easily accessible near the intersection of Rt 495 and Rt 3. When you get in, you have the option of Japanese-style Hibachi on the second floor and the regular table service on the first floor where they serve a combined menu of Chinese and sushi. The place is clean and well decorated, and the wait staff courteous and attentive. As for the food? Definitely first class and top quality. Our friends told us that Feng Shui rivals their West Coast counterparts.”

“After years of eating chinese food in my neighborhood, can no longer go to my local restaurant after eating here. They have an awesome buffett which includes sushi, I personally don’t like sushi but my family members say it’s very good. Excellent place to eat!”

“Large comfortable place. Much nicer decor than typical Chinese restaurants. Good waitstaff that seem to be present at just the right time, very attentive. The food is much better than average. Best chicken fingers ever. Not overly battered or greasy, very tender chicken. Great coconut shrimp, really liked the Yuen-Yan Spicy beef too.”